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The software for management of the entire Purchase process
The Purchase procedure manages the Liabilities Cycle (List of Articles to be Requested, Purchase Request, Estimate Request, Order to Supplier, Bill of Transport Received, Invoice Received) as well as Goods Incoming to and Outgoing from Warehouse and Stocktaking operations. The articles in stock and company services are recorded in a “List of Articles to be Requested”, from which the Purchase Request is generated; the latter can be imported to an Estimate Request for one or more suppliers. The Order to Supplier can be generated by importing the Purchase Request or the Estimate Request. The subsequent Bill of Transport Received, from which Goods Incoming to Warehouse is generated, can be recorded by importing the P.R. or the Order to Supplier. The Invoice Received is the final document in the Purchase Cycle, and can also be generated by importing an upstream document such as the Order to Supplier or the Bill of Transport Received.
An innovative function in this product is electronic filing of the incoming and outgoing documents by integration of the procedure with the Archidoc software.


B.o.t received

A B.o.t. Received can be registered by import (partial or total) of an Order to Supplier saved earlier, or by entering it manually. Registration of a B.o.t. Received automatically generates (by means of a suitable warehouse report) addition to the stock of the articles indicated.

Invoice Received

Registration of an Invoice Received can take place by import (partial or total) of a B.o.t. Received saved earlier. Registration of an Invoice Received automatically generates registration of the relevant general and cost accounting Prime Entry.

Warehouse movements

The system automatically registers Goods Incoming to the warehouse when a B.o.t. Received is saved; the user can carry out this operation manually using an incoming goods code. Goods Outgoing from the warehouse can be registered manually to a Workshop job and to a vehicle, using an outgoing goods code; it is also possible to register outgoing goods automatically both by means of an optical bar code reader Terminal and by means of the Picking Lists (orders for material).

Print-out of inventory

The system allows periodic print-out of the inventory for a single warehouse or for all the warehouses (fiscal and physical), thus allowing the user to value outgoing goods at weighted average cost, at last cost or at standard average cost.

Catalogues Management

When entering a Purchase Request, an Order to Supplier and a B.o.t. Received it is possible to use Catalogues Management to call up the article in the internal warehouse by indicating the article code in the catalogue; for the Order and for the B.o.t. the system automatically applies the discounts for the selected supplier. Alternatively, if the internal article code is known, the system allows all the associated articles in the catalogue to be traced.


The procedure allows registration of a Purchase Request for the Purchase Department (registration can be manual or using the document List of Articles to be Requested, or automatic using a nocturnal batch operation – Automatic PR). During input it is possible to assign a supplier code and use Catalogues Management.

The latest references:

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