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The Accounting management software
The application allows control, in real time, of the economic and financial state of public and private companies. The aim of the procedure is not merely to manage regulatory requirements, but to provide a valid tool for evaluations, decisions and planning of company activities. The procedure has a high level of integration with the various packages in the Superdriver platform for management of passenger transport companies.


Bookkeeping entries

The system divides bookkeeping entries into two large types: Documentary Prime Entries and Accounting Prime Entries. Bookkeeping entries are numbered automatically when they are entered. The Documentary Prime Entry can be generated automatically by the Purchase Cycle, the Sales Cycle or the Telemaco procedure. The Accounting Prime Entry can be registered automatically by entry of a payment slip, by payment of a payable or by setting down the bookkeeping entries for the Rental and Wages procedures.

Payable invoice

Registration of the Invoice from a supplier allows direct storage of that supplier’s charges, including information on withholding tax and any payments to professional funds. When the payment is recorded the system automatically generates an entry on the debit side in tax for withholding tax. The system uses the payables data to produce a periodic summary of payments to be made and allows print-out of the certificates to be sent annually using the Payables management module.


The module is used to acquire an asset, determining the depreciation rates and setting them down in the accounts. Acquisition may take place manually or automatically by means of the Purchase Cycle or through the Workshop procedure for job lots to be capitalised. Determination of the depreciation rate is automatic for all assets registered in the system, and is based on the rates set down for the relevant category; the procedure allows the rates to be calculated separately for Tax purposes, for Civil Law purposes and for Financial purposes.

Management of Payments

The system is used to fill in and print out the list of payments and banker’s orders, obtaining the data directly from the list of payments due that is, in turn, generated by the Documentary Prime Entry registrations. Accounting of the list of payments automatically generates registration in the Accounting Prime Entries. The system allows management of authorisations for payment and print-out of control sheets for the list of payments due.

Cost accounting

The system allows management of cost accounting entries by Cost Centre and by Job. These entries can be generated by general bookkeeping prime entries, by documents in the Assets Cycle, by document in the Liabilities Cycle and by movements in Stock.

Assets Cycle

This module can be used to record the following documents: Client Order, B.o.T Issued and Invoice Issued. The procedure allows preparation of Statistical Sales Analysis divided by company, code and article class and by relevant period.

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