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Management Accounting

Company management and control of strategic planning
The management control model offered by Pluservice aims to provide company management with the tools necessary to control and follow evolutions in company "health", plan for the future, identify possible economic and financial distortions and thus implement suitable corrective measures.

The means to achieve these goals it to provide a co-ordinated system of tools that can be gathered together in what is known as "management accounting".
The procedure follows the same logic as basic company processes: Budget, Analytical registration by Cost Centre / Strategic Business Area and Management control panel



The procedure allows preparation of economic and financial budgets by Account/Cost centre/Strategic business area, optionally making percentage and/or value variations on the figures for the current year. It is possible to divide the total value foreseen by the budget into monthly figures, based on pre-set or customised criteria.

Importing data from contributory systems

The data uploading function takes into account the inputs processed by all the company management procedures. The result of this data uploading procedure is a queue of final data on the monthly summary table.

Direct Costing

This procedure offers use of the so-called direct costing method, according to which it is better to concentrate solely on cost elements that can objectively be assigned to the product, rather than drawing up complex calculation methods that produce information with a certain level of subjectivity.

Valuing at standard cost

Adoption of a standard cost method means it is possible to work with a stable value that is not susceptible to changes based on internal/external events. It also makes it possible to obtain a forecast cost for the ÒaverageÓ service and allows estimations based on service convenience/profitability calculations.

Reclassified financial statements

The procedure can be used to draw up reclassified financial statements based on company needs. The schedules are drawn up with connections between the reclassification items defined and the items in the management control chart of accounts. The procedure offers a chart for profit and loss account schedules reclassified using the logic of contribution margins for Strategic Business Areas. The contribution margin indicates the extent to which revenue covers a certain category of costs.

Business Intelligence

The procedure integrates Business Objects as a product of business intelligence. The business intelligence tool transforms the data collected into knowledge that can be used by the company, with the aim of:
1. collecting company data to transform it into information by means of special statistic reports
2. managing the data to guarantee ample time horizons, through definition of control indices
3. supplying a representation of the information as a support for forecasting and decisional activities.

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Management Accounting

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