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Management of Staff

Management of the working life of company human resources
This module is used for global viewing and management of "employed resources": through the information made available by the various procedures it is possible to check the situation of each individual employee, both in administrative and salary terms, during the evolution of his or her working life, and as regards other aspects such as professional education, Curriculum Vitae, skills, potential and training received.

It is possible to file all the data on staff employed and obtain all the information necessary with the greatest possible freedom of combination. The module is organised in sections, each of which deals with a particular aspect of management, and is natively integrated with all the PluService management procedures.


Management of Candidates

To acquire, file and consult the curriculums and relevant documentation received, simplifying and improving evaluation when hiring new employees.

Management of Employees

Store and consult both personal details and those relating to the employeeÕs work, while at the same time allowing them to be shared both in reports that can be customised by the operator and in simple, flexible guided export operations.

Due Dates and Notifications to the Employee

Used to generate and manage due dates of various types, such as driving licenses, medical check-ups, delivery of documents and the like, associating them with groups or individual employees. For each due date it is possible to set the relevant alarms and manage notification of the employee, a function that is present in other modules of the procedure and is achieved by production of reports that are easy to customise.

Education and Training

To plan periodic staff education and training operations, organise courses and record the skills assigned to participants, simplifying and improving selection of staff who respond to specific needs.

Management of Wages and Budget

Allows import of the data from pay packets, processing of forecast amounts, preparation of data for accounting and production of the accounting procedure list of prime entries. As regards the Budget, it allows staff cost forecasts, divided into fixed and variable amounts, with comparison of various organisational options.

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Management of Staff

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