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Clothing management

Management of the assignment and delivery of articles of clothing to employees
The application was created to facilitate the distribution and recording of articles of clothing supplied to onboard staff and specialist employees. It is mainly aimed at solving two problems that generally cause great difficulty for purchase and warehouse department, that is to say the exact date on which the clothing is assigned and its deduction from stock, with the relevant history of articles assigned.


Information managed

The Clothing Management software manages four types of information: the Articles of clothing and the relevant frequency of assignment (these can be entered manually or inherited from the Purchase software), the Entitlement or groups of articles of clothing complete with relevant numbers to be assigned Ð delivered, the Employees (this information is inherited from other Pluservice procedures, that is to say Movement or Workshop or Personnel Management) and the Sizes.


This application, using simple operations, allows combination of the Employee Ð Entitlement; in this way it is possible to give the same employee one or more Entitlements. It is possible to modify the frequency, inherited from the table of Articles of clothing, and the amounts of each article, deriving from the Entitlement.

Periodic Assignments

The software allows generation of the Periodic Assignments for each Employee Ð Entitlement. Display of data by Period and articles assignable by Year and Month guide the user in the delicate phase of Assignment of clothing; manual assignment is also foreseen in the case of articles that have already been assigned but which require re-assignment before expiry of the Period. It is possible to print out the articles assignable, delete one or more lines of the Assignments and view all the Assignments that have not yet been delivered.


The procedure allows management of Deliveries of Clothing assigned and, if connected to the Purchase software, records movements in stock to be assigned to Employees. It is possible to delete one or more lines of the Deliveries and view a history of the deliveries made, both by employee and by article. If connected to the Purchase software, print-out of the periodic Inventory allows viewing of the Articles of Clothing entering and leaving stock, divided by size.


The Clothing Management software allows on-screen viewing of the state of:
Articles (State of Articles);
Employees (State of Employees);
Deliveries (List of Deliveries);
Assignment by employee and requirements by article up to the month indicated (Assignment and Requirements)


It is possible to obtain reports by Employee (with the option of selecting one or more employees) and for a given period of time, relating to: articles assigned, articles delivered, employee request forms, employees without assignment, forms for actual delivery of articles. It is also possible to obtain reports by Article of clothing (with the option of selecting one or more articles) and for a given period of time, relating to: articles assigned, articles delivered, stock in warehouse.

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Clothing management

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