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Software for management of the entire coach rental process
The software can be used to manage in full all the problems relating to providing coach hire services. The product comprises a central basic module containing information databases and various other modules that are integrated with each other and specialise in managing the problems involved in on-the-spot service.

The operating process is supported in full, from quotes for the service all the way down to invoicing, allowing rapid management by operators without requiring the input of large amounts of data. Rental management is completed by a series of functions that allow the services provided to be summarised and set down in the final accounts.


Management of Basic Data

The templates provided can be used to store the settings that will be valid for the whole program, information relating to the company, management of the vehicles in the companyÕs fleet and their information, a list and the personal information of all employees, the archives with a list and the personal information of all individuals with whom the company is in contact, a list and details of all the services provided by the company, archives containing details of the price lists and charges and their build-up.

Management of Requests

This can be used to manage all the information, which is fundamental to the Rental procedure, in which requests are recorded (choice of vehicle, of service, of price list, of charges, of tax foreseen, of the expiry date for acceptance of the quote issued, amounts and discounts, the itinerary, etc.), with the option of generating a number of request lines and difference services for each client, calculating and printing out the quote, confirmation (partial or total), consequent production of services.

Management of Rental

As well as allowing consultation of the data, it is possible to assign the service and relevant vehicle (also to third parties with delivery of the specifications), modify the travel details according to the service to be provided or actually provided, modify the Travel Plans, produce the Travel Schedule (with all the information required for the driver), enter and/or modify accounting details, enter the expenses sustained by drivers during the service, whether or not these can be invoiced to the client.

Management of Accounts

It is possible to manage accounting operations relating to production both of invoices for clients, with print-out of accounting documents and transfer to the accounting procedure, and of statements for suppliers. It is possible to generate invoices for the client, both single and cumulative, both for payments on account and final payments, allowing selection of the company issuing the fiscal document and issue of credit notes.

Final Accounting

The main function is to provide final accounting in quantitative and monetary terms of the work carried out daily by individual employees, and to obtain indicators of the service provided (services provided, km, working hours, etc.) to be used for management accounting purposes.

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