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Integrated management of insurance policies and accidents
The Accident Management module is of help to simplify management of files relating to insurance lines and to accidents suffered by company assets, facilitating the flow of information to insurance companies, staff, witnesses, injured parties and the other parties involved in the accident. Allows management of the insurance policies stipulated by the company and the relevant expiry dates, and to analyse figures and provide the Management with complete, timely information.

The information made available to the Management involved may, in a situation of particular and recurrent risk (for example accidents and behaviour at the wheel of employees or damage to the fleet), allow implementation of suitable action, resulting in a reduction of general overheads.


Management of information databases

This section contains the data relating to the assets managed by the company and the relevant policies. Each asset is identified unequivocally by the company serial number and type (plant or vehicle). For each asset, the module also allows viewing and print-out of the accidents suffered (summary of accidents) and a list of the policies that cover the asset.

Document archives

Great importance has been given to the ability to file all documents of interest to the accident, for example: driverÕs report, exchange of correspondence with insurance company or photos of the event.

Management of Policies

For each policy, along with the specific information, economic figures, guarantees and assets covered, it is possible to keep trace of any suspensions of the policy that impact the assets. Automatic notification devices are available to warn the relevant sectors when the policies are due to expire.

Management of Accident File

Management of accidents and their progress, taking into account date, type and nature, assets and employees involved, opposing parties, amountsÉ The system allows preparation and print-out of reports on the damage sustained, and integrates with the Workshop application to obtain the cost of repairs carried out. Management of documentation (photos, reports, forms, etcÉ).

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