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Travel Planner

Simple, effective information for informed travel
Travel Planner allows passenger transport companies or local public administrations to integrate their citizen information systems (internet portals, contact centres, self service information points, PDA, mobile phones, bus stop monitors, with certain other infomobility services that are greatly requested by public transport users: calculation of travel times between stops and waiting time at the stop.

The complexity of the system lies in integration of the information present based on the knowledge of each form of transport (private, urban public, road and underground, suburban public, road and rail).


Intermodal graph management

The various graphs defining the mobility options within the territory are subjected to an integration process in advance, so as to provide a single, integrated description of intermodal transport, perfectly in line with the map base used.

Arrival times at the stop

The service can provide both information based on the planned timetable or, if interfaced with AVL systems, in real time.

Optimum performance

On an average working day, production of over 150,000 pageviews. At peak times, the Travel Planner is capable of serving approximately 5 users simultaneously. The response times are always less than one second.

Interaction methods

Access from mobile phones via WAP or UMTS, self-service points (connected to the system as Internet or stand-alone client), telephone with vocal connection (call centre operator or IVR responding device), mobile phone via SMS/MMS, digital terrestrial TV.

XML interface

Data exchange with external client applications (OGC-KML, OGC-XML). These methods have already been used in applications that foresaw the use of Google Maps as the background map.

Total integration with operations management systems

Direct interface for import of data from the main working data management applications. Native integration with the Superdriver database.

The latest references:

ATM Milano
ATAF Firenze
APM Perugia
TT Trieste
FTV - Vicenza
Brescia Mobilità
Regione Marche
Regione Sardegna
Regione Toscana

Involved in these projects:

Marche at the forefront
Regione Marche

Travel Planner

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