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ACTV Venezia

Customer data
ACTV Venezia
Vela was created in 1998 at the desire of Actv, the local public transport company that manages water-based connections in the Historic Centre of Venice and the surrounding lagoon, as well as land-based connections in the Mestre and Chioggia urban areas and extraurban routes from Venice towards Padua, Treviso and the inland areas of Venice.
Vela is owned entirely by Actv.

Info and addresses
Isola Nova del Tronchetto, 32
30135 Venezia


Products involved:

Supervision of processes connected with the sale and use of passenger tickets

A specific need

The main need for Vela was to improve control over the over 200 sales outlets which, in approximately 70 different points throughout the city of Venice, sold various services (Museums, Theatres, Tourist Merchandising, Transport, Sport, Venice Card) using various front office systems.

The Pluservice solution

In 2007 Pluservice was selected as System Integrator to create an information technology system capable of collecting the data from the various sales systems used by the sales officers and alternative sales channels (internet, call centers, ...).
During the start-up phase, Pluservice had to overcome various difficulties, including management of the sale of different types of services / goods for over 30 different clients including ACTV, Teatro Fenice, Teatro Goldoni, Mostra Biennale, ASM parking / meal coupons, Venice Card, Vesta, ...
For each customer, Telemaco calculates the current commission due to Vela and any commission to be deducted for sub-dealers who are selling third party services on behalf of Vela. Also, it calculates the amount due for sales for each customer, performing Clearing operations as in the case of the Venice Card (a multi-service card that allows use of different services with a single ticket (unlimited use of public transport, entrance to all Venetian Civic Museums, entrance to the Churches in the Chorus Circuit, entrance to the Querini Stampalia Foundation and the Jewish Museum, discounts and privileges in the main car parks, entrance to city-run toilettes and nurseries).

The results of the project

Adoption of the Pluservice systems has allowed integration in a single management system of a multi-service sales network with different reference features/regulations: sale of transport, events (commission fees, SIAE performing rights, hall capacity, title / date of the event), gadgets (receipts), goods such as maps / tour guides (enhanced management of stock). At the same time it has allowed speed-up of the revenue control and reconciliation phases, which are performed in back office.
Adoption of the Pluservice Systems has contributed in a noticeable manner to improving the processes, thanks above all to the option of having all sales and payments in a single system. Also, this information is made available in a totally transparent manner and in real time by each of the other company sectors involved: general accounting for invoicing/ registration of revenue / payables to third parties, by Marketing to check the sales for the various products in different places, by the internal dataware house.

Management of a multichannel and multiservice sales network

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