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A.S.P. S.p.A.

Customer data
A.S.P. S.p.A.
A.S.P. S.p.A: is the transport company that manages the extraurban road-based service for the city and province of Asti. A.S.P. S.p.A. currently serves 10 lines with a fleet of 60 vehicles. The company travels approximately 1,500,000 kilometres per year, transporting approximately 3,5000,000 passengers.

Info and addresses
ASP ASTI SPA Corso Don Minzoni 86
14100 - ASTI


Products involved:

Control of the working state of a fleet
Fleet and Crew Scheduling
Management of public transport, both in urban and suburban areas

Fleet monitoring

The main need for the Management of A.S.P. S.p.A. was to monitor the fleet and the service provided to users, with the aim of making it more efficient and productive by improving the quality of control officer operativity.
This would all translate into improved compliance with the times at which busses were scheduled to pass the stops, and a better knowledge of all the events that resulted in poor service and delay.
The system was also required to certify the service provided, and perform final analysis of the information collected to provide users with information updated in real time, with the aim of improving the level of service and as a result increasing the trust of users in the LPT service.

Concrete solution

The job of bringing to life an information system capable of meeting the needs of A.S.P. S.p.A. was entrusted to Pluservice in 2008, with an order comprising an Operating Centre software, on-board devices and relevant connection and management software, connection software for the intelligent bus-stop signs, all components to comply with current regulations for the operations to be performed, such as Automotive certification, CE approval and so on.

To fill the order Pluservice installed the Movement procedure as the essential tool for planning and management of operations and day-to-day services.

As regards the Operating Centre, the functions provided allow management of vehicle location, both by events, such as transit at the stops, and by checking at intervals of time and viewing the general state of the vehicles under observation, showing the routes travelled both on the map and as a line graph and at the same time checking the state of service, including staff information.
The system supplied by Pluservice allows management of a system of alarms and relevant communications between Bus/Centre, either pre-coded or free, to be used when unforeseen road conditions or other problems arise.
The final point in the Pluservice solution is certification of the travel data, both for internal use and according to requests from concessionaries, also providing statistic reports giving historic figures for bus stops/services.

As regards the on-board devices, the equipment supplied comply with the Customer’s need to keep the central unit separate from the interface with on-board staff. As requested, the device was fitted with a series of digital and analogue inputs for various uses, and is perfectly compatible with future developments foreseen by ASP.
The functions present range from recognition of the driver code, to the choice of service to be provided, including all data on stops and relevant scheduled times, management of messages to/from the Operating Centre.

Fleet management, remote control and service certification

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