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The evolution of maintenance

ATM Ravenna S.p.A.

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ATM Ravenna S.p.A.
ATM manages urban and suburban transport in Ravenna. With a fleet of over 130 vehicles it carries approximately seven million passengers per year.

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Via delle Industrie, 11
848122 Ravenna (RA)


Products involved:

The integrated management IT system covering maintenance

Reorganising maintenance

The main need of A.T.M. was to find a Technological Partner who would support the company in its aim of improving maintenance processes, allowing it to create, within a short space of time and in a reliable manner, a consistent database from which to obtain indications on the strategic choices to be made.
After careful selection, in 2005 Pluservice was chosen as supplier for the maintenance information technology system.

The evolution of maintenance

Using the Workshop module, ATM can now learn and analyse in a timely manner all the operations carried out within its maintenance structure. The Pluservice system provides the workshop chief on duty with the maintenance plan, highlighting pending operations and their importance.
The plan is updated continually based on registration of the kilometres travelled and progress of maintenance work. Registration of the operations carried out in house (manpower) takes place in real time, and is carried out directly by those responsible: after receiving an assignment for the job, the technician communicates the start of work by recording it using a special bar code reader terminal, fitted in the workshop. In this way, progress can be monitored in real time by the officers in charge of that sector.
Workshop is integrated with the AVL/AVM system fitted on ATM vehicles, so that notifications of any malfunction, whether deriving from the self-diagnosis system on the Vehicles themselves or entered on board by the drivers using a special alphanumeric keyboard and selecting the message to be sent from a list specially drawn up by the Head Technician, are entered automatically in the software system. Arrival of notifications is signalled by sms on the workshop manager’s mobile phone, and he then goes to the information technology terminal to analyse the malfunctions signalled and decide what action should be taken. Using the Workshop system, the information on actual availability of vehicles is supplied to operations, so that any differences between vehicles available and vehicles required can be seen and the necessary action taken.
This all guarantees progressive optimisation and improved planning of maintenance operations.

An evolved model for maintenance management.

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