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Comune di Basiglio

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Comune di Basiglio
The Commune of Basiglio is located south-west of Milan, covering approximately 8 square kilometers and with a population of around 8500.

Info and addresses
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 1
20080 Basiglio (MI)


Products involved:

Fleet and Crew Scheduling
Management of public transport, both in urban and suburban areas


The aim of the project is to improve the ability of residents, whether temporary or permanent, to reach personal or family service facilities and to make use of the resources within their area.
In particular the service was to develop mainly within the Basiglio area and to a small extent in the adjacent commune of Rozzano, where the service structures (Local Health Agencies, Hospitals), Shopping centre, various points of interest (POI) and connections to Milan (terminal for the ATM N° 15 line) are located. The local public transport provided was based essentially on ordinary services, such as bus lines or shuttles, destined mainly to satisfy the need for regular movements from places of residence to the workplace along the main roads running through the area.
The job of providing more local, punctual mobility was left to private transport, such as cars and taxis.


A personalised public transport service such as DRT fills this gap between collective transport and private transport. In this case, once the area to be served and the main pick-up points had been defined, great liberty was left both to the managing company, in organising the service, and to users in selecting the best times to satisfy their mobility needs.
This solution means that it is possible to move around the area with ease, even for those who do not have a vehicle of their own (for example disadvantaged social groups or users who are only staying for a short time in the area) or a vehicle that is suitably equipped (persons with limited or no mobility). The strong points of the system offered are basically its simplicity of use, its ability to integrate with other LPT management procedures, the real time functions and the high technological and innovative content.

The main functions of the system can be summarised as follows:
  • Graphic configuration and management of the service network
  • Configuration and management of the fleet dedicated to the service
  • Management of the service booking system, which is both via Call Centre and via WEB
  • Optimisation of pick-up points and routes based on the figures from map-based tables
  • List of possible users both at the set pick-up points, and using a door-to-door service (designed for disabled users)
  • Real time location of vehicles and updating of services using GPRS equipment
  • Production of reports required to evaluate use of the service.

The system offered comprises the subsystems listed below:
  • One administrator station (in Call Center)
  • One Call Center operator station (can be expanded to a number of stations)
  • 2 on board terminals (one terminal on each of the 2 vehicles currently available; a third spare terminal is set up with wiring only)
  • Web access for end Users and Managing Bodies.

Today, CALLBUS counts more than 1000 registered users, and deals with about a hundred calls a day.

Call Bus in Basiglio

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