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The warehouse hand-held terminal goes wireless

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Currently, many Pluservice customers use the Intermec CN2B Hand-held terminal. These are just a few of them:
A.M.A.T. Taranto (TA);
ACTT Reggio Emilia (RE);
A.T.M. Ravenna (RA);

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Optical terminal

The procedure for automatic offloading / adjustment of inventory for articles in stock has been implemented by Pluservice using the CN2B hand-held computer produced by Intermec. Thanks to wi-fi or batch connectivity the CN2B device is ideal for warehouse operations; it uses a line scanning bar code reader system that operates at low power and uses the potential of the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system.

Goods leaving stock

The device makes it possible, by reading the bar codes on the articles, to offload articles from stock to jobs, to vehicles, to employees or to Workshop operations; the user is able to select the warehouse and the amounts of each article to be offloaded. Details of the goods leaving stock can be sent in batch mode by connecting the hand-held terminal to a client PC, or in wireless mode using wi-fi connectivity. The goods leaving stock are recorded automatically.

Checking inventory

The device allows automatic generation, by reading the bar codes on articles, of existing quantities of articles for which the inventory is to be checked, thus providing warehouse managers with a helpful support when carrying out both periodic and end-of-year stocktaking operations. As in the case of goods leaving stock, details of the existing inventory can be sent in batch mode by connecting the hand-held terminal to a client PC, or in wireless mode using wi-fi connectivity. Inventory checks generate adjustments in stock using a dedicated batch operation.

Real time offloading of goods, like viewing of current stock, minimum stock required, any quantities ordered / requested, are important innovations that derive from use of this hand-held terminal. However, these functions can only be used if the CN2B device is operated in WiFi mode; this means that the company intending to work in this way must install one or more Access Points of a suitable size and configuration in its warehouse buildings. Pluservice technicians are available for consultation in this regard, both during planning and installation.

News for operations to offload materials to jobs/operations

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