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Trasporti Delta SRL

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Trasporti Delta SRL
Trasporti Delta srl is a company in the Mauro Saviola Spa Group of Viadana (MN), and deals with road-based transport and logistics for incoming raw materials and outgoing finished products. The Mauro Saviola Group is the Italian and European leader in the production of chipboard panels. The Group numbers 16 companies with synergistically connected manufacturing activities, leading to the creation of 50 different products in the wood and chemical sector. Present in 50 Countries world-wide, it has a staff of 1630. Every month, each vehicle travels approximately 10,000 kilometres.

Info and addresses
Viale Lombardia 29
46019 Viadana (MN)


Products involved:

The integrated management IT system covering maintenance
The software for management of the entire Purchase process


One of the first problems that the Trasporti Delta srl Management wanted to solve was that of fragmentation and poor compliance with changing company needs seen in the information technology systems present in the company, which were no longer able to support its expansion.
The information technology system in use was no longer able to support management of typical company processes, such as maintenance of the fleet, management and processing of orders, management and organisation of journeys, optimisation of routes, final accounting and invoicing of amounts receivable, integration with the Mauro Saviola SpA Group ERP.


In 2008, Pluservice was given the task of bringing into being an information system capable of putting the various company areas into communication with each other, and of organising to the best possible advantage management of the service and of transports, with the adoption of Workshop modules for maintenance, Purchase for the purchase department, Warehouse for management of spare parts and the new product Logistk@, specially designed and created to handle the need to organise the Customer’s travel and services.
Using the new information system, Trasporti Delta today optimises management of problems connected with the transport of materials and goods by truck.
The product Logistik@ is the result of the experience gained by Pluservice in management of Local Public Transport company services, and it summarises in a single product all the know how specific to management of Movement, Maps, Rental, Demand Responsive Services, route optimisation, and invoicing of receivables.
It is based on a central basic module containing information databases and various other modules that are integrated with each other and specialise in managing the various operating processes within a transport service, using a map-based supporto.
The operating process is aimed at supporting the company, from the request for a transportation service all the way down to invoicing, allowing rapid management by operators without requiring the input of large amounts of data. Management is completed by a series of functions that allow the services provided to be summarised and set down in the final accounts.
Adoption of this system has enabled Trasporti Delta to achieve considerable results in terms of information and automation, and has improved integration between the various company areas.

From requesting a travel service to completion of invoicing.

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