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Maintenance in a Global Service regime

SAVIT S.r.l.

Customer data
SAVIT S.r.l.
SAVIT S.r.l., Servizi per Autobus e Veicoli Industriali Terni, was founded on September 25, 2000 on the initiative of ATC Terni SPA (the Transport Consortium for the Province of Terni) which remains the controlling shareholder (51%). It is a mixed public/private company whose partners (as well as the controlling partner ATC SPA) are, in alphabetical order:

Info and addresses
Via Bruno Capponi, 102
05100 Terni (TR)


Products involved:

The integrated management IT system covering maintenance
The Accounting management software

Complex needs

The company Savit S.r.l. (Servizi per Autobus e Veicoli Industriali) is the result of break-away of fleet maintenance activities for ATC S.p.a., the Transport Consortium for the Province of Terni. SAVIT Srl aims to offer itself as a leading company in Umbria, for supply of Global Service maintenance services for fleets of vehicles owned by both public and private Bodies and Companies. One of the first problems that the SAVIT Technical Management had to face was that of fragmentation and poor compliance with changing company needs seen in the information technology systems present in the company, which were no longer able to support expansion.

Simple solution

In 2005 the task of creating an information system capable of allowing communication between the various company areas was entrusted to Pluservice, with the adoption of the Workshop module for maintenance, the Purchase module for purchases, the Warehouse module for management of spare parts and the General Accounting module.
During start-up of the system, various problems had to be overcome, the most significant of which was the unique form of Global Service offered by SAVIT, which expects to manage a fleet of vehicles that is particularly extensive and uneven, both in terms of the service offered and the technical characteristics.
Adoption of the Pluservice systems contributed greatly to an improvement in the processes, thanks above all to the ability to access data in a totally transparent manner and in real time from every area of the company involved: jobs opened in the Workshop could immediately be seen in the Warehouse to assign materials, in the Payables Cycle for any purchase orders required, in Accounts to record the invoices received; in a similar way, each Finished Workshop job is immediately visible in Accounts for invoicing.
Today, results in hand, it can be said that adoption of this type of system, together with the abilities shown by the SAVIT management, have helped improve company efficiency and build up a solid image of efficiency and organisation from the outside: Savit is currently expanding, with 5 working depots, over 80 workers and a customer fleet that exceeds 1200 vehicles.

Providing maintenance in complex structures

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