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Trambus Open

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Trambus Open
Trambus Open S.p.A., a company in the Trambus Group operating in the Commune of Rome, was founded in 2003 from the combination of Trambus SpA, which manages LPT services within Rome, and Les Cars Rouges, leader in Paris in the management of tourist services using open roof coaches. It operates both in Rome (with a tour of the historic centre and a line dedicated to the archaeological sites) and in Bologna.
The service includes on-board assistants and ground staff, and the aid of multi-language audio guides. In 2007 it carried approximately 800,000 passengers. The fleet numbers 37 coaches, and comprises both traditional double-decker busses with an open top deck and open roof coaches.

Info and addresses
Via Prenestina, 45
00176 Roma


Products involved:

Supervision of processes connected with the sale and use of passenger tickets
Fleet and Crew Scheduling
Management of public transport, both in urban and suburban areas
The integrated management IT system covering maintenance

A concrete necessity

Trambus Open decided to equip itself with a system of mobile terminals for on-board issue of tickets, so as to eliminate ticket distribution on the vehicles and reduce the risk of fraud.

An effective solution

Thanks to the on line ticketing module installed on the portable terminal, the on-board hostesses are able to issue and print out tickets, convert pre-issued vouchers and validate tickets on transfer. Automation of these operations is implemented by reading a bar code printed on vouchers and tickets. A GPS device is also fitted to allow the position of the vehicle to be detected and associate each sale or validation to the current stop.
The terminal is able to connect in real time to the Centre, where the “heart” of Telemaco is located and where all events are traced in real time (type of operation, operator, etc).
aking advantage of the processing abilities of the server, complex anti-fraud controls are performed, and notifications are sent in the form of an alarm to the hostess’ hand held terminal. If the umts/gprs signal is not available (in Rome it is not unusual for certain institutional buildings to be screened during certain events) the system automatically switches to off-line operation, and still guarantees issue of tickets. The entire complex project involved in communications with the control centre and realignment of data is managed automatically by the application, and is hidden from the hostess.
Using the internet booking module, users, ticketing operators and hotels/sales outlets can purchase open vouchers, which can be converted on board into tickets. The conversion takes place on line by reading the bar code printed on the voucher itself.
This system allows Trambus Open to govern and monitor the entire system in real time (management of operating plans, management of cost parameters, sale of tickets, administrative management of sales, revenue accounting and division of revenue, etc.). It also allows analysis of user pick-up and set-down figures, which can be used both for strategic analysis and for possible real time re-scheduling of services.

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